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How do you use Plugin Insert?

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Can anyone give me an example usage of plugin Insert? The documentation is very limited, and as a non-programmer looking at the code did not help me...

Does it allow you to create tracker items without using plugin Tracker?

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Plugin Insert is missing documentation indeed Gail! I'll try the plugin myself and see if I can figure it out and come back here and show you how I used it. Give me a couple days.

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noob answer coming.
yeah the page doesn't give any information. https://doc.tiki.org/PluginInsert

I didn't know how to use certain plug ins. I just wrote the wiki code on the wiki page which rely on that plug in.
and wiki asked me kind of " dou you want to enable this plug in?" and I said yes. Plug in activated by itself. it was already there but deactivated. So maybe you should just use the relevant code to the page and wait tiki ask you to activate that plug in..

look at your admin menu on tiki. there is a menu which creates trackers. it guides you in some way.

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