Documentation scattered everywhere in too many sub sites.

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Do we have a Starting point to find everything ?
a giant glossary? like in Wikipedia Glosssary of Terms?

if not how can it be started?

I am trying to find an information and realized that I can't stay on a single sub site. every link moving me from somewhere to nowhere.

I liked tikiwiki and it really deserves better navigation.
should just focus on one ring to rule them all.

just as I said. found 2 glossary. scattered everywhere in too many sub sites. none of them complete.

Advice to myself, forget about all sub sites and use only https://doc.tiki.org/Glossary + forum (if I can find it between numerous clikcs).

I appreciate all the good things done and try to improve it.

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The beauty and - at the same time - bane of collaborative environments such as Tiki Wiki is that everyone contributes their own ideas, not only about how to move forward but also about how documentation should look like.

As far as I can see Tiki Wiki is 10+ years old which means it has gone through several evolution cycles and it looks like a mature product, for the most part.

Since it's a mature product, this inevitably also translates into older contributors moving on, new contributors coming in and adding things their own way.

One of the reason I was attracted to Tiki Wiki is the philosophy of

Does something need improvement? Roll up your sleeves and help change it for the better.

Since this has been my own philosophy as well for the past 20 years, a place like Tiki Wiki feels like home, even though it's only been just about a week.

So, I'm not suggesting Tiki Wiki documentation system is perfect. But there will be always people open to feedback and ready to help make it better.

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