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Hiring a Consultant (Question for Devs)

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Good day tiki folks!
I am considering hiring a consultant to spend some time on a bug in tiki. Our tiki gurus are completely busy and flat out over loaded, so I think if we can get a bug fixed by a hired consultant, or sponsor the fix and provide access to the polished feature to the rest of the community, it is the way to go in order to get speedier service.

I am a huge fan of the H5P plugin, and I really would like to see it fixed and progress forward. I looked at the consultant page at https://tiki.org/Consultants
I performed a search using one of the parameters allowed and I retrieved a list of many devs.

So my next question is, do I have to contact each dev on that list? Or is there somewhere I can insert the project description as a bounty, and interested devs can contact me.

If I have to contact each dev on that list, and ask, "are you interested" that can be quite time consuming, but if I can leave a bounty project description within a page or pool of devs, and interested devs can contact me, that would me most useful.
Is there any place I can insert my project? And have devs reply with interest?

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Hi John,
IIRC there is no such dform where you could submit your bounty but perhaps you can write just one email and put everyone but you in BCC. That way you need to write only one email and send it to many developers in one shot.


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Thanks Luci, does that mean I need to track down each email address for every dev?
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lol Ya ya ya, that's what I meant by track down, thanks for pointing out the obvious Luci.

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Hi John,

That's a good idea (posting your job offer and having it sent to all consultants) but it isn't implemented at this time. Seems like it ought to be set up for sure, but for now you probably should contact people directly. Adding the feature request at https://dev.tiki.org/Make a wish would be good, to get it on the radar for future implementation. Also if appropriate, you could submit a bug request for the H5P problem if you didn't already. More devs are getting involved with Tiki kind of indirectly and aren't on the consultants page, so anything that raises the visibility of issues is good to pursue.

-- Gary

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Thanks for the great suggestions Gary. The H5P is a bug actually, but your point is well taken for future wishes, I appreciate that. The bug has been submitted at https://dev.tiki.org/item6516-H5P-Content-Creation

But the guys are busy I am sure with the new roll out of 18 and getting things in order and catching up and all. H5P is really important to my tiki, so I would really like to see it fixed and I am willing to hire at this point.

Thanks again Gary!