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Re: Regressions Piling Up

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Hello John,

Working with an open source platform can be frustrating and working with Tiki can be super frustrating.

I restarted typing this answer 3 times already and finally will go for the short answer;
Things are moving !
We are pushing forward and changing some ways so we get a stronger community with more involved people.
New organisation and team are being prepared.
We are also trying to get more funding/donation (something we never really looked over) so we can be relieved of tasks that keep us busy instead of doing what we are good at (and what we are involved in Tiki for).

About putting a freeze that’s not easy as it seems.
The world outside is not freezing, bootstrap4, updating elasticSearch support, solving Facebook API (already outdated), New EU law about cookies, security, etc. We don’t master everything living in a closed world and we have to follow while we can.

The solution is really to have more active member pushing with us.
So, I encourage you to join us.
Not all of us are coders or graphic designer and anyone will be welcomed