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mpdf Generates Black PDF docs

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As the title indicates, I am printing to PDF using mpdf, and because my tiki has a black background, the pdf generates a black page. Please see attached pdf that was generated from this page at https://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/Eastern-Larch

Is there anything I can do for mpdf to print successfully with a website on black background? Thanks

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Did you already enable 'Print Friendly PDF' in Control Panels > Print Settings ?

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Thanks guys, yes Print Friendly PDF was enabled, and still is.

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Can you please try to edit

html { background:#fff; color:#000; } body { background:#fff; color:#000 }

html { background:#fff!important; color:#000; } body { background:#fff!important; color:#000; }

Will that work for you?

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Wiebe, thanks for your help in this case, I greatly appreciate it!
I edited the css file in question, and it had no affect, I still have a black background pdf, thanks Wiebe.

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I gave it a shot Bernard, thanks for your help, but it did not work either.
I can print fine, regular printing works beautifully, I get the white background. But when saving as PDF, the pages are black.

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I'll give it a shot Luci, thanks!

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Bernard, I should be able to simply add rules to your example provided correct?

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Try print -> then choose Print to PDF (if your browser provides it)?
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That is the way to do it Luci, less mess, less fuss, thanks.

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Sorry to flatter someone that deserve it... ;)

I suggest you recap all your CSS and style problem and hire Luci to solve it all for a few bucks. Even if we can try to suggest and copy code from here and there there is nothing like a professional designer that understand Tiki and CSS taking care of your website.

It did wonders me on mine and his work worth every penny spent.

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mpdf is broken regardless of custom CSS or not.

I am starting to figure out Tiki is beyond my own patience Bernard, and my own development skills, and I can't find the funding to hire a dev every time something goes wrong on my tiki, that is not a reflection on the devs here nor a reflection on Tiki, it's more a statement of my own shortcomings and patience.

I may have finally succumbed to the idea that I may be in the wrong software for our needs Bernard, again, not a reflection on the fine folks here, nor the fine software, it's just a reality that I am feeling these days.

You all have been wonderful, thanks so much for everyone's help and guidance over the last couple years, the tiki family is the best!smile

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Hi John,

mpdf is pretty new in Tiki and as I don’t use it myself I can’t tell if it is "broken" or not.
What I know is that people (corporate company running Tiki) are using it successfully.
It may require some knowledge to tweak and do final tuning but, that’s a kind of normal for an advanced feature.

While I understand your frustration, I don’t think it is fair to blame Tiki.
Unless you do basic things, any webapp will require developper, configurator or webmaster skills at some point.
There are hundreds of Wordpress (supposed to be 3clicks running, super simple) specialised freelancer (coder, designer, websmaster, IT Admin, etc) that are making much more money than we do on Tiki... There must be a good reason. ;)

But back to your website my point was to save you time.
In the end it’s like many task we have to deal with.
Or you have time to learn and experiment or you pay someone else to avoid wasting time and focus on your project.

In any any any case, we’ll be sad to see you go away. ;)

PS : I went at http://seeds4c.org/Ubuntu+16.04+LTS+for+Human+Beans to check the image issue. It worked fine for me on Safari MacOSX. (I could see the pictures)

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