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I am trying to find an easier method for users to upload images from their computer to articles and wikis.

In the wysisyg editor (toolbar), I can see the standard image option which does allow users to upload but I can also see another image button that appears to be called wikiimage (greyed out).

I cannot find any information on this button and it does not appear on the wysiwyg editor when creating an article or wiki, despite being positioned next to the standard image button.

Any idea's how to enable this option so I can compare it to the standard image button? Does it have other dependencies that I need to enable for it to show up?


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Thanks for the reply....

I had made some adjustments to the toolbar but I have just loaded defaults for Global and Article toolbars to check.

You can see in the attached snapshot of wysiwyg editor, that the button is there on the top bar but greyed out. When I hover over this I get the pop up "Choose or upload image".

When I then go to create a new article, the button is missing.

I can add the standard "img" button from the list of plugin tools in wysiwyg editor and this then appears when creating an artice. However, this isn't as user friendly to use.


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Sorry for the delay, not had chance to work on this for the last week or so.

I will submit it over there as you have suggested but I just can't help but think it is something I haven't done such as install a required plugin or something.

Just a little further info I have just noticed.....

There is also an option for "Choose or upload files" (tikifile) which is also greyed out. So again I am thinking that it is something I don't have enabled with regards to galleries etc.

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Button Greyed Out

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Just a quick follow up...

After spending about an hour with Bernard Sfez on the Online Open Hours session the issue was still not resolved despite Bernards best efforts, which are very much appreciated.

I decided to start from scratch on a Ubunutu install.

Everything is working fine now with regards to this button, so clearly I had previously broken something somewhere but no idea what.