Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Tiki 20.1 on RHEL8/CentOS8 (PHP 7.2)

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I'm trying to port our Tiki sites on RHEL8/CentOS8 using Apache + PHP7.2 (RHEL version) and PHP-FPM. I used latest Tiki 20.1

Installation is based on the way we installed Tiki 18 on RHEL7 (We use Ansible, so we update the playbook...). Now, the apache + php installation seems to work fine. I can print all info with a simple phpinfo() testpage, or similar html tests... but Tiki does not work.

When starting system against a new database, the Tiki-install scripts starts and drives you through the whole basic config. When completing the initialization and you get to start page, nothing appears. Just an empty HTTP 500 page.

Logs are not much useful... Only things I could find is Apache access.log reporting the generated HTTP 500. Just to be sure, I set SELinux in "permissive" mode, but it did not help.

The question is: Does Tiki 20.1 works on PHP7.2 and RHEL8/CentOS8 (MariaDB Ver 15.1 Distrib 5.5.64)? I would like to be sure I'm not wasting my time and yours debugging a well known unsupported configuration...



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Well, it seems some confusion was done with "20.1" and "21"...

Since we actually installed 20.1 on PHP 7.2 and it does not work (as in a way is document), it is quite clear we need to wait February 2020 for Tiki 21 release before trying again.



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Tiki 18.x, 20.x and 21.x all work with PHP 7.2

FYI: Requirements.

Many of the *.tiki.org sites are running Tiki 20.x on PHP 7.2 and they work beautifully.

Did you try Tiki Check?

Best regards,


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"When completing the initialization and you get to start page, nothing appears. Just an empty HTTP 500 page."

At the end of the installation procedure, there is an optional attempt to add an alias from .htaccess to _htaccess to facilitate Clean URL. Maybe this is causing an issue?

If this is the case, try deleting the alias.

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I looked again at installation...

I found into Tiki root folder file "_htaccess" no ".htaccess" instead. Apache config should be the same I successfully use on RHEL7/PHP5.6. So far, nothing seems wrong...

I cannot run Tiki_Test, same generic HTTP 500.

Please note: when running DB update process the script fails...

  1. php console.php -n database:update
  2. echo $?


I can get connect do DB from server (no firewall or permission issues). When starting with an empty DB, the Tiki installation populates DB with tables and data... But then it does not work...

I run the RHEL8 default PHP (7.2.11) and MariaDB 5.5.64...

If such configuration is suppose to work, I will keep looking on possible local errors in configuration...


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ok, what did Tiki Check report?

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