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Re: Re: Ideas on how to create a small "sales corner"?

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Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist wrote:

Hello hman,

There are a few option in Tiki working with the recent versions from what I know.
Tiki cart (you found), the advanced shopping cart (there is a profile for this) and I recall a paypal button (I used on a Tiki19 with the plugin list to generate buy buttons from a tracker catalog).

Check those and find the one that fit your need.
I have to say that each shop usecase is different and require deeper investigation...

I’m planning soon a weekly open live session on Tiki... May be something to discuss live. ;-)

Thanks for your reply. I have used Tiki Wiki since version 2.something, but so far never used profiles. Is my understanding correct that profiles are a tool to set up a new Wiki in a certain fashion, in order to set presets to optimal defaults to make it useful for a certain use case? In this case, the Wiki is already up and in operation, version 18.3, as a knowledge database containing articles from a non-profit organisation, so I do not want to set things wrong that are currently okay. The sales corner is just an effort to implement something that the organisation already does in its printed magazine...

My other, older, Wiki is a database of stories and is run within a closed group of users. And still on 12.14, and I still hesitate to move it to 18, because I see to many bugs in18, even some that can cause data loss.

Thanks for your input