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Populating Tracker Item with Licensing

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Hi John!

Another option would be (besides what Jonny suggested) to have a simple dropdown type field with "Public Domain", "Own Work", "CC BY - SA 4.0" options and then display that value using a template surrounded by wiki syntax for wiki page link (the double parenthesis syntax so the resulting link would be e.g.: ((Public Domain))) and have these same named wiki pages created with the full license text in the content of the page. Or use the PluginInclude instead of the link to include the license directly.

John Morris wrote:

Good day folks, got a question.
I am building a tracker to upload images, so the the tracker will display the uploaded image, and other fields for description, summary, source, etc.
I also want the user to be able to choose from a list of licenses for an image, for example the list to choose from would include, "Public Domain", "Own Work", "CC BY - SA 4.0" etc etc.
So when the tracker is created and published, the license field will show the license in its entirety.

For an example please see any image on Wikipedia. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pakistan_International_Airlines_Airbus_A320-214_AP-BLD_(2).jpg

Scroll down and you'll see "Licensing". The user who uploaded that image, chose from a drop down list of licenses, once chosen, the license in long form is displayed.

Any suggestions or guidance is appreciated.