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Removing "Page actions" from HomePage

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There is no option per page to hide this action menu. (unless someone hide it somewhere) ?
And yes, in 2020 it is some kind of getting in the way. ;-)

This is how I do depending my customer needs or the site design;

  1. I move it to the bottom (you never know...)
  2. I hide it using CSS.
    • Get in the source code the id of the page ie:
    • Add in your css the following (tiki21):
      #page_23 .wikiactions_wrapper {display:none}

    It is not very elegant but do the work (if you have a few pages)
    Note that it can be added using Control Panel => Look & Feel => Miscellaneous => Custom CSS. Still it is better to know what you are doing than just copy paste.?

Hope this help