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PluginLIST - How does "relation" filter work?

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Hello Da’ud,

Sorry I can’t give a clear answer just some comments after experimenting.
(thanks for your question, I learned something). 😉

I never used the relation filter and qualifier but with relation tracker field: http://doc.tiki.org/PluginList-filter-control-block#Related_items

Checking : http://doc.tiki.org/Search-and-List-from-Unified-Index
I see wiki page have a relations field so I tried to follow the output of this field and there is one.

I suggest you go to your Search admin control panel, tab tools.
There use the "Experiment with plugin LIST" with the output template.

{filter type="wiki page"}

Check and use the correct output of the fields:

I tested quickly and I had results using:

{filter relation="page_1" objecttype="wiki page" qualifier="tiki.link.related"}

(result: page_2)

{filter relation="page_2" objecttype="wiki page" qualifier="tiki.link.related.invert"}

(result: page_1)

Seems working with backlink and with alias is the quick way but I guess you can have your own.

I stopped here my investigation, but from here you should be able to dig and find what to filter and how for your use case.

Good luck !