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Make a page visible together with its included image

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Luca wrote:
In fact, for every page my Registered users create a single image that, together with the page, must be hidden to Anonimous at the beginning and visible after an Admin approved the page.

This and this:

Luca wrote:
because it hides the page content to Anonymous, but doesn't hide the page itself

I don’t get it...

You user create a page, upload an image or it is something else ?
If your user create all:
Your can have a group created per user (check admin=>log in options).
If you have a group per user you can set that by default for this group that anon are not able to see (or other registered). Then manually (after admin approval) you set the permission. (page view and file download... you have option to omit in search object that are not visibles.
(not tested lately I’ve seen the options)

Luca wrote:
1) forces the Registered users to create a dedicated category for every couple of page+image they create and 2) forces the Admin to delete the category on page approval.

Mmm... I wonder if there is not a mechanism in Tiki that auto create a category at the user creation. You keep forever the category, just play with its permissions and inheritance.

A bit like the group option above, one all set, it would be the easiest way to manage at the user (admins) level.

Another thing, more complicate to put in place would be to use a tracker item per user (store user information in a tracker), have some categories to manage your case (approved, not approved, etc) and there, attach content and files to the item (field wiki page and field file) they all will be under the control of a group field or a category field.

There is also an approval system in Tiki for wiki page, did you tested what it does with the picture inserted ?

When can we talk about this ? ;-)
I’ll be glad to help, contact me.