LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

AD-login OK, but no admin and editing possible any more



i just have installed the latest Tiki version in our net. I created a bunch of topics and trackers as user "user". Then i enabled AD-logon form an Active Directory. Which is also working fine now, i can log in with AD-credentials.

The problem is now that
- i cannot see any trackers or data in trackers any more
- i cannot edit any topics
- i cannotz config anything

because all AD-Users have to limited permissions and, worst of all, my "user" login is not working any more.
I have even reset pwd of user "user" via SQL, but that does not solve my problem.

I think that maybe accidently i have set the authentication process to AD-only instead of AD&Tiki, which would probably explain the problem. And now i#m stuck.

Is there a way to enable Tiki-authentication via cmd-line or SQL?

Thank you for your help


oh, i think i have set this setting
Use Tiki authentication for Admin log-in
If this option is set, the user “admin” will be authenticated by only using Tiki’s user database and not via LDAP. This option has no effect on users other than “admin”.
but i have no user "admin", only a user "user". I have thought that it means admin-users as a group, not a single user name. Because there was no "admin" user by default only a "user" user (which had admin rights), i thought it was just a unclear documentation.

Can i set it back via https://doc.tiki.org/Preferences---Log-in ?

OK, i solved that problem by creating manually a "admin"-user in Tiki authentication and move it in the admin group. Even i#m confused that a internal mandatory user can get lost at all. Somehow i would expect that a admin user just can't get deleted at all.

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