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Features / Usability

Option of the displayed output of a tracker field type relations

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Jonny Bradley wrote:
Yes, i think putting the links inside a DIV with class="click-modal" should do the trick, maybe?

Mmm nice idea (I wonder if I didn’t tested 6 month ago) but there is a mask above the modal content (it’s a big modal) and over all this look weird. I think this is because the customSearch start to run the loading wheel/mask as the modal open but it stays stuck with it.

Screen Shot 2021 04 06 At 10.43.19

This is how the link look "https://local:8890/blabla/item4378-itemtitle"
I imagine I could add "another" list plugin to do exactly as I want, but this is already a customSearch using a template with 4 different trackers (cascading) and it start to be heavy (slow).

Is there a way to tweak the relation field type output ? (where this is ?)