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Features / Usability

Publishing/Exporting Site as a Single Document?

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Da'ud Vyd wrote:
Are there any exporters available that can transform a TikiWiki site into a well-formatted, hyperlinked MS Word or PDF file? While I definitely want all my content online and love the editing options and versioning TikiWiki provides, I sometimes want a hard copy as well. I thought it might be possible to produce such a document using the "Structures" functionality.

I have no answer to your question, however I have noticed that browers treat PDF output from Tiki (Chrome and Firefox namely) differently and that’s related. 🤗

One thing is sure for me about printing a PDF from Tiki;
Tiki + Browser + OS (?) = too many ways to do the same thing and users are confused.
To avoid this I usually set a "Print PDF" button that do what it says.

We should evaluate, simplify and keep only ONE good working way.