Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Most functions of console.php are missing

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gregejack wrote:

Running TikiWiki 22.1 on Windows , console.php will not list most commands that should be available.

Unknown whether there is a connection, but I cannot install packages either. The website admin says that Composer is not installed. The link provided does not work. When installed using the Windows Composer installer, TikiWiki still says not installed.

See attached screenshot of output.


Are you using a "developer" version (22.x and available on Git) or an official "release package" (22.1 available at https://tiki.org/Download) ?

Both are different and for example, you don’t need to run composer on the release package.

About the console.php, I don’t know if there is a difference because I never used a release package but looking at the list of commands, it would make sense some functions are not available.