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Sam wrote:
Is it possible to embed a forum on another page? For example, I would like users to be able to create a Wiki relative to their interests, and then I would like people to be able to discuss the Wiki on the same page that the Wiki or the article is on. Thus, would it be possible to include a forum or discussion section on a page with a Wiki or an article or will I need to redirect users to a forum page?

Yes this is "Discuss pages on forums" I use it on my Knowledge base app. You can find it on the Admin => Wiki pages => features.
Last time I tested (Tiki21) it was working fine. (sorry not able to find the doc)

For a project I "recreate" this feature using a pluginList and search results from the unified-index.
The plugin is used in a wiki page that display an item and at the bottom a forum discussion for this item.
As you can see, using ascii I was able to create title and a title link. I also had to create a format for the forum title with a link and one without a link ("title_sans").

With icon and translation this make it look "a bit heavy" but if you don’t need all that you can end with a light version of this.
Obviously you can do the same using your article "object_id" and other fields (check: https://doc.tiki.org/Search-and-List-from-Unified-Index).

list to display a discussion relative to an item
  {pagination max="1"}
  {filter field="object_id" content=""}
[tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=1&comments_postComment=post&comments_title={display name="title_sans"}&comments_data=Discussion+about%3A+%5Btiki-index.php?page=datasheet-{display name="object_id"}-{display name="title_sans"}%7C{display name="title_sans"}%5D|{icon name="comments"}] [tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=1&comments_postComment=post&comments_title={display name="title_sans"}&comments_data=Discussion+about%3A+%5Btiki-index.php?page=datasheet-{display name="object_id"}-{display name="title_sans"}%7C{display name="title_sans"}%5D|{TR()}Talk and discussion about{TR} {display name="title_sans"}]
  {FORMAT(name="title")}[datasheet-{display name="object_id"}-{display name="tracker_field_datasheetsTitle" format=trackerrender}|{display name="tracker_field_datasheetsTitle" format=trackerrender default="-"}]{FORMAT}
  {FORMAT(name="title_sans")}{display name="tracker_field_datasheetsTitle" default="-"}{FORMAT}

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