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Inline editing option per field

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In trackers since tiki 11 we can edit fields value inline: https://doc.tiki.org/Tracker-Inline-edit

However I understand it as an all or nothing.
All field in all trackers and that’s not always wise or good.

First because they will be an edit icon even if data are not editable (will open and empty immutable field). Second because some process may not need this "all fields" editing inline and having all fields editable really blur the data on the screen.

Screen Shot 2021 06 24 At 13.47.48

Is there a way to have the editing option set per field ?

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Hi Bernard,

Yes, in the 'back-end', or the Trackers themselves, it's as you say, "all or nothing", however, if you use either Plugin Tracker List or Plugin LIST on a wiki page, you can add only those fields you need to have in-line editable.

Plugin Tracker List has an option in the GUI to add the fields, and LIST uses ''
editable="inline" (as you most likely already know - this is for others)

Basically, I never waste time with the Tracker 'back-end' as the only way to customize things there is to use Categories and that's a very unnecessary extra layer of complication, IMO.


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Thank you Mike for sharing your experience.

I’m trying to find a descent solution to nicely display user profile field with ability to edit inline only some fields. (users don't have access to the tracker view). Trackerlist and Trackerplugin display can be customised, but I would have like to find a plugin List solution.

The only solution I found so far is to use the template as base and revamp it for my specific need. Definitely not what I want to do. ;-)