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New User Information Review and Including Paypal

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Sam wrote:
I have a new user walk through my multipage registration process, they aren't technically logged in after the first page. So when they go to the second page of the registration, it does not allow them to upload a photo, which I have restricted to registered members.

Unless you need high level of compartimentation, I would "cheat" a bit and split the process in 2:

  • One part before registration (anonymous)
  • One after to "complete" the registration (registered)

At the end of the first part end with a validate your email process and customise the "success" url with a tracker form for the returning user (now registered) so he can feel other part of its user item like upload a file.

This is very common in many website and should be no problem.
At taht stage they can review information and submit payment again as registered users.