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Help: How to restore a backup?

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Anton Müller wrote:

Hi TikiWiki Team

TikiWiki nebwie here.

A friend of mine asked me to help her out with her TikiWiki file system backup as the webserver crashed somehow. She has no idea about IT. I am working in IT since years but not on the web backend side so I need some help getting her WikiWiki website back online.

I have attached two screenshots of the backup's main folder and the wiki folder within. I mentioned there is also a Wordpress instance involved somehow and I'm not sure if this is the default when installing a TikiWiki instance or not.

Can someone give me a hint where to start to get TikiWiki Website up and running? My initial plan was to set up an Ubuntu VM and then install a LAMP server (sudo apt-get install lamp-server^) on top of it and then trying to somehow copy the backup to the right location on the filesystem (e.g. into the /var/www/html/ folder).

Am I moving to the right direction? Or am I overhinking it and it is much easier to do?

Thank you many times in advance for any hints!


Look to me like the good direction.
For requirement (what Tiki version?), check : https://doc.tiki.org/Requirements
For installation : https://doc.tiki.org/Tiki-Installation-Guide

I've made few quick tutos that may help you about setting a Tiki : https://bernardsfez.com/article65-Tiki-Wiki-installation-on-Amazon-Lightsail-instance-with-Debian10-MariaDB-Git-and-Virtualmin

(there are other may be more adapted... not AWS)

Hope this helps !