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Features / Usability

[SOLVED] Enabling "Use email as username" on a populated Tiki23

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Enabling the option is not enough, you have to convert all your user login from username to email. This is how I did it and it worked;

  1. Backup the database
  2. Look for all trackers with a username selector field
  3. Once field identified convert then username for the user email directly in mysql
    Here for a fieldId 1 in a tracker
    update tiki_tracker_item_fields i inner join users_users u on i.value=u.login set i.value=u.email where i.fieldId=1;
  4. Repeated this for all trackers username selector fields
  5. Copy the email over the login in the users_users table
    UPDATE users_users SET login=email;

    You may need to clean duplicates... search replace or manually
  6. Clean the Notifications list if used.
    On the notifications the username is hard-recorded, you need to tracker the users for whom it is needed to replace the username with the email.
  7. Reinstate the admin account (last but not least), go back to users_users and normally your very first user is the admin, replace the login (email) with "admin.

That's how I did and it worked just fine.