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How to use "Contact us" feature? Activated - and now?

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Hi Jonny Bradley,

I finally did it. This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h80QuuYxbhk from tikitrackers.org (by the way: on the page the video was cropped for me) got me the information to get started.

I now have:

  • A tracker
  • A form on my wiki page
  • An e-mail notification
  • Working wiki page templates for the e-mail body and subject
  • A Remarksbox after sending of the message/form on wiki page

However, I'm getting an error when I want to show the user what he sent after sending. I have the following code:

{TRACKER(trackerId="2" fields="6:7" action="Senden" showtitle="y" showdesc="y" email="6|FootlooseTraveller|wiki:Kontakt EMail tpl")}{REMARKSBOX(type="confirm" title="Nachricht erfolgreich versendet")}Antwortadresse: {trackeritemfield trackerId="2" fieldId="6"} Nachricht: {trackeritemfield trackerId="2" fieldId="7"}{REMARKSBOX}{TRACKER}

The code {trackeritemfield trackerId="2" fieldId="x"} yields the error: "Invalid Parameter: itemId". Somewhere I found, that "ItemId" is passed via the URL - which it is not - I guess it is passed as a html POST parameter. How can I fix this last little bit in Tiki 21 LTS?