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DISASTER - how do I rebuild the css?

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tjrob wrote:
I was able to work-around this. I found the string in one of the file in tikiwiki/temp/cache, and I changed 200% to 100%. I can now use the website again. In Admin/LookAndFeel the custom css is now empty, presumably because I cleared it in the database.


. { font-size: 200%;}
was (is) a bad move.

If you want to change the body font use (something that I wouldn't do with such drastic change):

body { font-size: 200%;}

"tikiwiki/temp/cache" files are caches files and temporary.
You shouldn't edit them, rather simply refresh your cache, see: https://doc.tiki.org/clearing-cache

There were some cases I recall modules/menus required me to empty the folder "tikiwiki/temp/cache" but seems ok now. In all case those files will be recreated by Tiki.

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