Google Font necessary?

Thanks for your replies!

Will content and structure of the CSS file remain stable over the time?
I had expected changes, which could lead to problems in case of updates.

Removing that one line could be part of "my" future update process - but in case I follow you suggestion, Bernard, this would of cause open the window for further adaptions (like switching the pink background in editable fields to something like light yellow)...

How often does the CSS structure change - from historic experience?

Thanks for your support

Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist wrote:

As Gary Cunningham-Lee says.

Just as an additional suggestion, to preserve your Tiki integrity and ease future upgrade, I would create my own theme;

  • Duplicate the theme used and give it a different name (folder, CSS and SCSS)
  • Select it as the Tiki theme
  • Start toying with it. (follow Gary's recommendation)