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Automating Export of Tracker Tabular

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Mike Finko wrote:


Tracker Tabular has a button for exporting, but if his needs to be done once per day it should be automated, I'm just not sure of the best approach. This is necessary as the data in the Tracker is regularly and permanently deleted per the project requirements.

Cron Job

  • Maybe setting a cron job would be the simplest? However, where would the export go? some email?

Tiki Scheduler

  • Similar to setting a Cron job, but maybe unnecessary complexity if only one action.
  • Or, maybe this is necessary, as first the export needs to be run, then sent by email?

List Execute

  • Maybe use List Execute? On the List Execute docs page, under 'email' there is an option 'pdf_page_attachment', which is similar, but not exactly exporting the data, so static for viewing only.
  • Or, use List Execute to run the 'export' from Tracker Tabular (?) (or directly from List Execute?) and then a Cron job or Tiki Scheduler task to send (email) it?

Before stabbing away, any advice for the best direction would be appreciated.


I'm more and more using the Tiki Scheduler so I have more control as Tiki admin inside Tiki.
You can set only one cron job to run for the scheduler : https://doc.tiki.org/Scheduler

Then from the admin -> scheduler you can set anything you want.

If you need help I'll be glad to support.
Stay safe