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Can't set checkbox to n on listexecute action?

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Leena wrote:

Hi All,

Sorry if this is not the right place to post this.

I'm using a list execute to set checkbox values from y to n. I am using the attached code but it seems to be doing nothing? However, it returns a success as per the attached.

Do you know what I'm doing wrong?



It is a bit hard to check your code from a image + there may be so many things going on with other tracker fields. Maybe you just need to add quotes ?

I use a plugin List execute for something very similar, but the other way around. ;-)

  {filter field="tracker_id" content="22"}
  {filter field="tracker_status" content="o OR p"}
  {filter field="tracker_field_productsboughtEmailSent" content="NOT y"}
        {step action="tracker_item_modify" field="productsboughtEmailSent" value="y"}

Or, may be there is an issue with setting to "n"... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Try on a different page with just one field and one action to check.