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Features / Usability

Some problems understanding the syntax to access two trackers at the same time

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Sorry if I didn't understand you correctly because this is quite confusing...

I understand you have a trackerA with magazines and a trackerB with articles.
They have a relation via a text field, let's call it linkField.
You want to be able to displays items from TrackerA, then be able to display the list of the related items from trackerB.

Assuming this is correct, you can use a plugin List to display results within the trackerA items (magazine) and IN the template you can embedded a second plugin List that will use the value of the linkField from trackerA as a filter of the items of trackerB.

You can't have plugin list embedded at the same level, you need to call the arguments in a different template (you can cascade how many you want - I think).

hope this helps