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Can you use >= or

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Ok I don't know why it's cutting off half my message but here's the rest of it:

Is there any way to have a filter that "now" is:

Greater than or equal to tracker_field_REG_ReminderDate


Less than or equal to tracker_field_REG_ExpiryDate

Edit: using this doesn't really work but it's one step forward (ie. if both dates are in the past it shows it anyway. So it doesn't really show dates within a date range per se) :

{filter range="tracker_field_REG_ReminderDate" from="now" to_field="tracker_field_ExpiryDate"}


it comes out with the following error messages - is there a way to ignore / suppress the error messages?

The range filter is missing \"from\" or \"to\". filterRange: "to" value not parsed