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Current backups feature

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I tried to make a backup on my 1.83 tiki. The backups page has the following bold notice:

Warning : Backups are known not to work since some time now. Don't rely on them. Chealer9 20031117 - 20040306

Does it mean I should not do backups?

Will backups via my ISP will work?

Many thanks for any wise feedback.


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The backup page does not work indeed, so don't use it.
I don't know how your ISP makes backups, but it's possible that will work.
I use the export feature in phpMyAdmin to make backups of tikiwiki.

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The backup feature does work providing that:

  • The restoring Tiki is the same version as the backup one
  • admin passwords are identical
  • you have a good PHP timeout setup 30second default is probably too small.

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Thanks for the tips...
I will try the phpMyAdmin export, as I am used to the tool.. Reasuring to know backups are possible.

I don't know if its possible, but writing more explicitly on the backup feature out put page that this is a KAPUT_FOR_NOW element, might make this issue clearer...



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Don't forget that a proper backup of TikiWiki always consist of 2 components: the data stored in your TikiWiki database and the TikiWiki files in your webserver root. Especially when you are storing data outside the database (e.g. image galleries' storage on file system) it is important that you make a tar (or similar) of these. Database + file system backup = consistent, single-point-in-time backup.



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That is a very important information to bare in mind...



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