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If you want to learn how to document for Tiki, you probably want to work for Polaris on doc.tiki.org, which has it's own conventions page : Formatting Standards
This page could still be useful as a supplement. Start by reading Formatting Standards and see if you can add content to it if something written here is missing there.

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How to Document a Feature

To document a feature correctly, the documentation team needs to create a range of pages, including a ))FeatureXGlosspage (defining the feature), aFeatureXpage that lists what the feature can do, aFeatureXDocspage with step-by-step instructions, aFeatureXAdminpage with step-by-step administrative procedures and tips, and aFeatureXSettings(( page that provides a quick overview of the feature's administrative settings. For more information and examples, click the plus sign.


How To Write Great Documentation

It's easy — just follow a few simple rules. The following guidelines are suggested for ))FeatureXDocandFeatureXAdmin(( pages. Click the plus sign to view the guidelines.


Annotated Example

Click the plus sign to see some documentation that implements the guidelines (presented above).


Documentation Conventions

For consistency's sake, typographical conventions — formatting rules to follow when writing documentation — make very good sense. Click the plus sign to view the recommended conventions.

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