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On a new Tiki you must first create your forum(s) in this first part. After creation the forum will appear in the second part Forums so you can edit them. Here's a picture of this first part followed by a description of each setting you'll find.

NameThe forum name as will be displayed in the forum listing
DescriptionA description of the forum
Prevent floodingIf enabled then the users won’t be able to post consecutive messages without waiting at least the indicated amount of time. This can be used to prevent a user from flooding the forum with messages.
Topics per pageThe number of topics that will be displayed in each page when listing the forum topics.
ModeratorA user can be set as the forum moderator, when a user is the moderator he will be granted all the permissions for this forum.
Password protectedDetermines if a password is needed to post messages. Note that this is not fully implemented yet and the two options with protection are currently equivalent.
Forum passwordPassword for the forum if it is set to be password-protected
Default ordering for topicsHow the topics will be ordered in the list of forum topics by default. Some options can be ascending or descending. Options are:
Creation date of the topic
Topic's score
Number of replies (messages) the topic has
Number of times the topic has been read.
Last post
Date of the last post in the topic (the last message posted)
Topic's title
Default ordering for messages (threads)How will be the messages for a topic ordered by default:
Message's date
Message's score
Message's title
Send this forum posts to this emailYou can configure an email address that will receive all the topics and messages posted to the forum. This uses your Web server's outgoing mail settings. The resulting e-mails are not in an appropriate format for sending to the forum's inbound e-mail.
Forward messages to this forum to this e-mail addressSee EmailToForumGatewaying.
Originating e-mail address for mails from this forumSee EmailToForumGatewaying.
Add messages from this email to the forumSee EmailToForumGatewaying.
Prune unreplied messages afterIf enabled topics that don’t have a reply will be automatically removed after the amount of time indicated.
Prune old messages afterIf enabled topics and messages will be automatically removed when they are older that the indicated amount of time.
SectionForums can be organized into sections, you can assign an existing section to a forum, create a new section or don't use a section. When listing forums they will be grouped by section.
This is an incomplete import from 1.6 pdf documentation


Once a forum is created it displays in Forums :

The edit link can be used to configure forum's settings common to all users. Clicking it will bring the forum's data in Edit this forum part (at top). The permissions link can be used to set-up groups' permissions for the forum. deletes forum.

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