H0ney on irc://irc.freenode.net/#tikiwiki

H0ney is a bot that stands in #tikiwiki and fulfills some functionalities that TikiBot don't know yet. First I installed that supybot in #openmoney for testing and what I found immediately made me also come in tikiwiki despite the number of bots already present there : Tikibob, Tikibot, tchmp, Soupy, CIA, and teedog (hmm, not sure for the last one).
see also : SoupyBot - ChompBot - TikiBot

Here are the main feature that are the reason why Honey is there :

Misc useful commands

Sourceforge plugin commands
 &list sourceforge
 mose: bugs, rfes, sf, totalbugs, totalrfes, and tracker

 mose: #987962: Search on refer stats page only return..., #987215: 1,9RC2 Postgresql error adding structure, 
  #987187: 1.9RC2 'Contact Us' broken, #987184: 's stripped out even from..., #987182: 1.9RC2 Errors from postgresql
  database..., #987116: Wiki Page Naming Error, #986441: Runtime error, #985307: Calendar circumvents permissions 
  a bit, #984699: strange tiki-top_bar behavior, #984509: (5 more messages)
 mose: full text search broken under postgres, #984474: Admin Module Query Error, #984284: Text overlaps 
  in Opera, #984019: Edit Template removes javascript, #983916: Image not working in Tracker 1.9rc2+, #983915: Games 
  not displayed 1.9rc2+, #983908: Single-blog RSS feed broken 1.9rc2+, #983907: New Quiz features missing? 1.9rc2+, 
  #983901: Img Gal thumbnail upload broken 1.9rc2+, #983896: Forum-Email (4 more messages)
 mose: gateway problems 1.9rc2+, #983020: Image Gallery Sorting Imgs Column, #982970: "phantom" games 
  upon installation, #982767: tiki-list_users.php returns blank page, #982676: incoretc db init in 1.9 rc 1 and 2..., #982604: 
  Title translation error for module..., #982104: Jukebox Tracks not included in 1.9rc2..., #978245: phplayers menu drops 
  behind tabs on page, #977543: CODE plugin does not escape (3 more messages)

 mose: #984985: dropdown menu does not support enough..., #972377: Slideshow for Image Galleries, #960877: 
  Skip chatroom selection if only one..., #957241: Blog : "view comments" doesn't view..., #957237: Blogs and the calendar
  module are..., #954994: Article comments: Threaded vs. Flat views, #951364: tiki-admin_tracker_fields=> multi..., 
  #951359: tiki-list_trackers.php: remember last..., #951357: (5 more messages)

 mose: 224 open / 1551 total

 mose: 600 open / 717 total

 &tracker 987116
 mose: Bug #987116: Wiki Page Naming Error; Resolution: None; Assigned To: Nobody/Anonymous; Submitted By: 
  Stephen Lee; Priority: 6; Status: Open 
RSS feeds
 &rss tw.wiki
 mose: Honey - LearningManagementCaseStudyDaniels - QuizRFEs - DbPerformance - TikiServersNetwork - 
  LearningManagementSystemDev - InstallTiki - MigrateToTiki - KnoppixRemastered - PluginMov

 &rss tw.art
 mose: Tikiwiki 1.9 rc2 is out - Tikiwiki in Russia - Tiki 1.7.8 released - 1.9rc1 is ready - Tikiwiki.org under 
  1.9 pre-release - Tikiwiki 1.9 - Sirius - Release Process Ignited - Tikiwiki 1.8.3 - Polaris - Release! - 2 New Local 
  Language Tiki's - Tiki 1.7.7 -eta carinae- finally released - Technology: Wiki, The White Board of Collective Intelligence

 &rss tw.blogs
 mose: Setting Sail On The Tikiwiki 1.9 tides - Prologue - Spring Community Tiki - Comments - multi-poster - 
  What do others do? - This blog? - This blog? - News ? - More plugins needed

 &rss tw.forums
 mose: Error in RSS - Friendster-like features - Including poll and gallerie into a wiki page - MySQL Install Problems - 
  How do I do a MultiTiki setup on IIS? - Show / Hide Modules as per sections on website - include_path during workflow - 
  installation problems on redhat/apache linux server - default permisions - My Polls don't work
 &freshmeat tiki
 mose: Tiki CMS/Groupware, last updated 2004-06-24 17:55:25, with a vitality percent of 0.55 and a popularity 
  of 14.76, is in version 1.8.3.

 &fun coin
 damian: tails
 &fun coin
 damian: heads

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