Tiki 7.2 Release Notes

Release Notes
information This document includes important information about Tiki 7.2. Please review this information when installing (or upgrading to) this release.

For Tiki support, please use the forums.

If this is your first installation ever of Tiki, welcome to Tiki Community! You'll find details about the installation here:


See Upgrade for instructions, and ReleaseNotes7.1 for information on upgrading from a version earlier that 7.1.

Important Changes

  • Fixes a crash in the registration page (tiki-register.php) in French introduced in 7.1.
  • Fixes a crash applying profiles with several pages (such as Small Organization Web Presence) introduced in 7.1.

This is the last planned release for the Tiki 7.x branch. Please see Version Lifecycle for details.

Known Regressions


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