Release 1.9 rc2

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Was released 28 June 2004 and is available from SourceForge


  • tiki-install.php spits out many "variable undefined" errors (terence)
  • Restoration of Forum moderator controls (rlpowell)
  • Replies to replies to forum topics are hidden when viewing forum topics (rlpowell)
  • Blogs posts appear when posted instead of at session expiry (damian)
  • fixed an overlap problem with moreneat and IE (mose, oliver, marc)


  • Removed avatars and packaged seperately available from http://mods.tiki.org/project6 (damian)
    Warning : This may confuse your users that already chose one of those avatars

Enhanced / Added

  • Countless usability/user interface improvements like:
    • cross-linking in Admin pages to ease navigation
    • action feedback/confirmation messages (aka TikiFeedback)
    • less ambiguity in pages that handle both object creation and editing/removal
  • Make help tips optional with the $feature_help (damian)
  • Improved damian.css even more making right hand modules a different colour! (damian)
  • added score events to wiki edit page (damian)
  • score internals were refactored and all events listed in Score admin are being scored
  • new plugin THUMB for displaying images in wiki pages (mose)
  • upgraded smarty to 2.6.3. see http://smarty.php.net/misc/NEWS external link for changelog (mose)
  • translation formatting if enabled (damian)
  • Text changed in admin area as application menu can be anywhere (damian)
  • Moved search stats to sit with fulltext option on admin search page (damian)
  • Reworked the Actions boxes of galleries so that delete is rightmost for better slippymouse click protection wink (damian)
  • upgraded adodb from 4.05 to 4.23 (mose)
  • ongoing german translation (ohertel)
  • reactivate Hide anonymous-only modules from registered users

Known Bugs

  • Seems that edit warning is sticking even when saved.

Screen grab

Bad handling of css in InternetExplorer


Poor space handling of Reply button for comments

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