Roundtable Meeting 2016 05

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Volunteering Facilitator: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist


Looking at the result of the votes on different proposal our meeting is set for 13:00 UTC;
09:00 Montreal, New York
14:00 London
15:00 Berlin, Prague
16:00 Jerusalem
18:30 New Delhi
22:00 Tokyo, Melbourne

Meeting time proposals



See Roundtable Meetings for a detailed description.




1st hour quick news

  • FrOSCon 2016: booth, developer room, talk(s), accomodation, participiants
  • quick update on likely timetable for 15.1 release
  • UI/UX proposal and reflexion (was supposed to suggest corrections for 15.1)
  • Timeago short demo (thinking)

Second hour, longer topics

  • Branding and Marketing (based on Fosdem 2016 Brief)
    1. Name; The full name of Tiki (Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware) is too long, conveys too many ideas...
      As we (the community) and while communicating with users or customers it usually end with : "Tiki". As it is natural and tend to be very friendly "Tiki" may be the right choice for the name with appropriate tagline.{bsfez}

    2. Tagline; The current taglines that have been used in various Tiki communications are based on the message that "Tiki is an extremely powerful system that can do everything". However, it is now recognized that saying that "Tiki can do everything" can in fact amount to saying nothing...
      We should focus on words that means something, are clear concept not only to us but to our target(s) (marketing) and stay out of fuzzy ideas. IE: CMS has been so many things during the last 4 years and still Wiki has a lot of power. I refer more and more Tiki as complete Wiki WebApplication framework, but it is far to be the right tagline. {bsfez}

    3. Target Audience - Who are we talking to? ; Consultants and IT employees within companies or Enthusiasm hobbyist/vonlunteers Webmasters within organisations that need a versatile tool.

    4. Current perception - What do they believe?

    5. Desired Perception - What do we want them to believe?
      To be discussed once above is near final

There is more on the page but 1h is hardly enough for the above so it should be part of several discussions.



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