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March 4-5-6-7-8-9, 2010 just before confoo.ca (March 10-11-12, 2010)

A Tiki presentation was given at Confoo. Here are slides: PresentationConfoo20100314

Get more information about Confoo

PHP Quebec, Montreal-Python, Ruby Montreal, W3Qc, and OWASP Montreal are organizing the first edition of the ConFoo.ca conference for Web technologies, which will be held in Montreal on March 10th through 12th, at the prestigious Hilton Bonaventure Hotel.

The conference is divided into two parts:

  • A technical part, encompassing different aspects of Web development: PHP, Python, Ruby, security, CMSs and frameworks, databases, systems administration, Web standards, accessibility and agile methods.
  • A management part: project management, referencing (SEO), Web marketing analysis, and social networking.

Some Tiki community members are speakers:


  1. 30 minutes fixes
  2. Work on, start the 5.x branch and release of Tiki5.0 Alpha
  3. Work on IIS support in view to adding Tiki to the Microsoft Web App Gallery. Special guest: Wade Hilmo
  4. Security discussion (Philippe Gamache, Chealer, Marc Laporte)
  5. Test Tiki5 with iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile (Gary, Régis, Marc) (please add your ideas to iPhoneDev)


  • Marc Laporte
  • Wade Hilmo
  • Pascal St-Jean
  • Régis Barondeau
  • Wizehop (Tentatively last two days on behalf of ibrrorg)
  • Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy)
  • Nelson Ko (maybe)
  • Patrick Allard
  • Martin L.
  • Philippe Cloutier
  • Daniel
  • Patricia Campbell (tricia / campbe13) 4th & 5th
  • Duane Kennedy and Adam Miron (Sunday, March 7th)
  • You?

(You can also confirm on Facebook)


Two location in Montréal, Canada and Online

  • Marc's place, Montreal (Plateau Mont-Royal)
  • CGCOM 85, St-Paul Ouest #200 (Old Montreal)

More details

Live video



Day 1 Thursday March 4th 10h -> 20h

Location: Marc's place, Montreal


  • TikiCRM profile in Tiki5 (Martin Latulippe, Marc Laporte, Sylvie Greverend, you?)

Day 2 Friday March 5th 10h -> 20h

Location: Marc's place, Montreal

  • (5pm ish) Daniel will present his "video clip" production project with Q&A. (30 min.) Image

Note that Daniel will _not_ film if any one present is not comfortable with the idea. The presentation and discussion we will have is in preparation for his second participation Monday the 8th.

Day 3 Saturday March 6th 10h -> 20h

Location: Marc's place, Montreal


Day 4 Sunday March 7th 10h -> 20h

Location: Marc's place, Montreal


Day 5 Monday March 8th 9h -> 19h

Location: 85, St-Paul West #220


  • IIS
  • Daniel filming interviews between 5 and 6 1/2pm.

Day 6 Tuesday March 9th 9h -> 17h

85, St-Paul West #220

  • IIS

Day 6 Tuesday March 9th 17h30 -> late


  • We can get you a free place to stay, with one of the local Tiki community members. You just need to cover your flight or train!

First TikiFest?

  • In case you are wondering, event is free, and you get a free t-shirt smile (while quantities last)
  • Don't be shy! Just show up
    • You don't have to participate to Confoo.ca (Confoo.ca is very nice but not free)
    • You can come just a few hours (don't need to be there 5 days!)
  • If you have some bugs that qualify as 30 minute fixes, they will be resolved
  • Ask all the questions about how to configure, use, develop, etc...

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source: http://blip.tv/file/2568201

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