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First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin


12.—14. November 2010

Shortly after, there is the Translating and the Computer 32 Conference
(18.-19. November 2010 in London)


TikiFest in Berlin wil be a part of a Wikifest this time.

DokuWiki has a base in Berlin, too. So we could have a 2-3 days of parallel DokuWiki & TikiWiki event (and perhaps MediaWiki, TWiki, etc) and one day (perhaps the last) could be a more general "wiki day".

Needed stuff

  • Bandwidth c-base has ;-)
  • Video projector c-Base has one
  • good conference microphone for BigBlueButton
    Torsten will bring one
  • webcam


  • amette
  • marclaporte
  • jonny B (virtually only, sorry)
  • bubi
  • Torsten Fabricius
  • friedel (for wikidev)
  • carsten aevermann
  • cdrwhite
  • omstefanov (as of 21 Sept, definitely; flights booked!)
  • changi (for sure)
  • Jyhem
  • Stefan Sieferer (mostlikely)
  • lphuberdeau
  • You?




  • Ongoing Tiki6 release process. According to planning, release Tiki6.1


  • Translation and Documentation
  • Workspaces: exchange of experience


A. Hacking Space

The official location:

  • c-base e.V.

Rungestrasse 20
10179 Berlin tc

c-base is a hackerspace (within a crashed spacestation) close to Jannowitzbruecke; check out the venue to get an impression at c-base website c-base blog c-base videos

Other locations that have been considered:

We might even want to check out another space every day - getting to know the city by using it. ;)

B. Accomodation

There are many possibilities to rent (even beautiful) flats in Berlin. bubi and amette are looking into this possibility.

And of course hotels are available everywhere in Berlin and with a very good price/performance-ratio (might be even better in ugly November).

  • amette's place
    • one mattress and some floor space available

  • ritsch
    • 1 room - 1 bed
    • 1 room - 1 bed
    • 1 room - 2 beds

All free of charge
5 minutes from U-Station "Zwickauer Damm"
Coordination of these beds goes via amette, contact him.

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