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I have a wordpress blog and I want to migrate to tikiwiki. For this I need an import function. Although I don't want to import all my posts to a tikiwiki blog: I'd rather transform the posts in wiki pages, and use page trackers to show a list of the last created pages on the homepage...


(I'm writing this very spontaneously - still have to give a nearer look to trackers)

Tracker-classes could be developed, from which trackers would inherit fields, default properties and default values. They'd be like dynamic categories (Naturally I'm not talking about php classes: every tracker-class would be a dbelement and selectable in the tracker edit form).

For example, in an encyclopedia:

  • tracker page //main one with the fields name and content
  • abstract tracker city extends page //adds fields for meta-data like country (select from country list), inhabitants, altitude...
  • tracker London extends city //... and now imagine the edit form

An other example: the comment tracker would extend the page tracker, but add a parentObject field. Just an idea...


IMO tracker are so abstract that they could integrate wiki pages, forums, blogs, comments, (preferences, modules, templates, trackers themselves?)... Everything could be a tracker item. There are of course missing tracker functionalities to do this.

  • Tracker item history (optional)
  • More tracker-template integration (e.g. a default tracker view template).
  • ...

Flickr Support

Embedded slideshows and pictures.


I installed tw on xampp, and with pear enabled it failed because it tried to redeclare zend_filter_interface. Had to disable pear...

Dev notes.


  • Include a lib: global $foo; include_once('lib/foo.php');


  • page_exists(name, casesensitive)
  • page_exists_desc(name, searchalias)
  • page_exists_modtime(name)
  • add_hit(name)
  • create_page($name, $hits, $data, $lastModif, $comment, $user = 'admin', $ip = '', $description = , $lang=, $is_html = false, $hash=null, $wysiwyg=NULL, $wiki_authors_style='')
  • remove_object(type, id) - uses objectlib::delete_object() (strangely insert_object is never used)
  • remove_all_versions(page, comment) - uses


Extends tikilib

  • Objects: objectId = 'type:id' (e.g. 'forum:23')
    • Valid type names: 'forum', 'forum post', 'wiki', 'wiki page', 'article'


  • insert_object($type, $itemId, $description = , $name = , $href = '')
  • deleteObject (doesn't care about dependencies)


smarty functions

  • assign(varname, filename)
  • display(filename)
  • assign_by_ref(varname, var)
  • fetch(templatefilename)

smarty template-inside functions

  • tikimodule(title, name, flip, decorations)
  • query()

smarty variables

  • $user, $default_group, $section, $page, $prefs
  • $smarty array(server array(PHP_SELF))

smarty var functions {var|function}

  • escape


  • group_inclusion()
  • add_group(name, description)
  • add_user(name, password, mail)
  • assign_user_to_group(username, groupname)
  • assign_object_permission(group, objectid, type, perm);


  • post_new_comment($objectId, $parentId, $userName, $title, $data, &$message_id, $in_reply_to = , $type = 'n', $summary = , $smiley = , $contributions = , $anonymous_name = , $postDate = )
  • replaceForum(0, name, description)

Some global variables:

  • $module_params




  • templates/modules/mod-foo.php
  • modules/mod-foo.php
  • Use tikimodule smarty function


  • lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_foo.php
    • wikiplugin_foo
      • Return array('name', 'documentation', 'description', 'prefs' => array('wikiplugin_helloworld', 'feature_myfeature'), 'body', 'validate', 'params' => array(paramname => array('required', 'name', 'description')))
    • wikiplugin_foo_info
  • templates/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_foo.tpl
  • lib/setup/prefs.php: 'wikiplugin_foo' => 'y',
  • db/features.csv: xxx,"foo",913,,"wikiplugin_foo","flag", ,"tiki_p_admin",,,,,," "

General functions

  • tra(text)
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