Why code and features gets duplicated

I couldn't get commit access

  • I sent a patch, nobody answered, so I had to fork the project.

The code was a mess

  • Was faster for me to start from scratch than figure out what was there.

The code had too much overhead

  • I just needed a simple thing.

I didn't know there was code for that

I don't want to mess up someone else's code

I don't want other people messing up my work

I want people to know I am this module owner

  • Perhaps I'll get some contracts.

The project leader(s) don't want me to code in core

  • Plugins are made for contributions like mine.

I don't want to add another module as a dependency

  • I know that other module does some of the stuff I need, but it's not exactly what I need and overly complex. I don't want people to install that other module just to make mine work. So I'll just add the bit of code I need.

This may not be maintained long term

  • This is for a school project. After this semester, I will move on to something else.

This works for me, am happy to share, but I can't commit to maintaining long term

  • So I'll share what works for me, but I am not prepared to take the lead of such a module (taking on feature requests, etc.)
  • I am quite happy to apply patches for bug fixes though.

It's important that most/all the code comes from me

  • This is for school/internship thing and they need to evaluate my code performance.

My needs are very specific

My code is not clean enough

  • Sharing back to the main code base involves making the code generic enough. I just don't have the time to do that at the moment.

This is a learning project

  • I want to write this module as a way to learn how to write modules, so I don't want it to be officially in core.

I think this library or service is a better alternative

  • [missing]

This is the community edition extension

  • There is also a pro version (not FLOSS) available from my site.

I offer support on this extension so I need to keep control

  • I solve a specific problem with this extension. I offer support for it (paid or otherwise) and I can't take the chance that someone else will introduce regressions or take the extension in a direction which will make it difficult for me to support my users.

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