Including drawings in your pages

This page for Tiki 1.8 can be seen at http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-index_raw.php?page=Wiki+Images

You can include editable drawings in your pages using the following syntax:
{draw name=foo}

Note that you need a permission to be able to edit drawings, see more about drawings in the drawings sections.

Including images in your pages

Images can be included using regular HTML code if you have the permission or the Wiki syntax for images explained here:

Images can be included in a Wiki page using the following syntax

{img src=http://www.something/image.jpg width=100 height=100 desc=foo align=center link=http://site.com}

Where only src is mandatory and the rest of the attributes are optional. Note that you mustn t use quotes for the attribute values. The attributes are:

srcURL for the image
heightImage height
widthImage width
aligncan be center, right or left
descImage description to be displayed below the image
linkan URL to make the image link to that URL

If you include an image from a URL Tiki will automatically capture the image and replace the link to an internal database-stored version of the image, that allows images to persist in the pages even if they are removed from the remote servers that originally had them. (You can disable this feature from the admin screen)

Important TIP: If you have the image cache enabled but don't want to cache some image (for example you want to display an image that changes along time) add a nocache option to the image src.


why doesnt this display

Or : {img src=http://something.com/image.jpg?nocache=1}

Uploading images to a wiki page (quick way to add images)

If you have the right permission you can upload images directly to a wiki page. You must enable the pictures feature in the wiki section of the admin panel and give the user group the permission to upload pictures.

insert graphic

To add a picture to a wiki page use the upload picture section when editing a wiki page. Select an image from your local disk and the image will be uploaded and added to the wiki page inmediately.

Images are uploaded to the img/wiki_up directory. They are included in the wiki page using the syntax:

{picture file=img/wiki_up/name.jpg}

You can reuse the image in another page copying the syntax that tiki creates after the image is uploaded. To remove images from a page simply remove the syntax that tiki added to display the image. The image won't be displayed but will still be present in the img/wiki_up directory. A special link in the wiki section of the admin panel lets you eliminate all the images in img/wiki_up that are not used in any wiki page (a purge feature).

Special images: wiki graphs

Tiki can build graphs showing the relationship between wiki pages, those graphs can be included in any wiki page, article or any Tiki object since they can be handled as normal images. The graphics are built dynamically using the following URI:


Where page is the page name to start the graph and level indicates the depth level of links to use. If level=0 then only the page and the pages that can be reached from the page are displayed, etc...

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