• Damian Parker

    Whats everyone using? I'm using Trillian for XP system and Gaim on my Linux boxes
  • Sridhar Katakam

    I am providing a java applet that can be used to chat in #tikiwiki channel of IRC. Those who don't/can't use a IRC client can utilize this for a general wikitiki talk. Note that it is not a help channel and you should not demand you be assisted or complain that no one is helping you. That said, it doesn't mean others (try to) help if you have a question or two and if they are in a mood to. IRC is a privilege, not a right. Enjoy. Just enter a nickname and hit 'Connect'.
  • Russ Wilde

    Hi folks!

    I'm afraid I've been forced to chop out my web-based java irc client for a few reasons;

    1. it was a bit of a shabby solution and I didn't like the way it looked,
    2. it seemed to attract some unusual attention from a netherlandish irc gaming forum, which I didn't understand or appreciate,
    3. the usage statistics generated by .nl irc gamers was greater than that of people referred by this page.
    4. I'm a mean spirited ole scrooge.
    5. Technically, I am legally obliged to offer some form of moderation / administrative control over it under UK law and I couldn't afford the time or technology at the moment.

    Sorry folks, I can heaertily recommend using a REAL irc client such as mIRC, gaim or even chatzilla.

    Java chat client will be downed in nthe next 24 hours.


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