• admin

    how about forum counter ...customer needs orientation....whats important
    • John Morris

      I am unclear what your intention is with this comment, please elaborate, thanks!
  • luciash d' being 🧙

    Hi John,
    wonderful! Friend of mine is also woodworking carpenter here in Czech Republic, creating custom furniture for various customers and friends. I have made a Tiki site for him a while ago too: http://kincwood.cz/tiki-index.php?page=home&no_bl=y (a bit outdated, I know)
    Check out his work in his gallery! What do you think? :-)


    • John Morris

      Luci, your friend does absolutely beautiful and creative work! My gosh, that is some amazing creativity! I love it. And the old Tiki site aint too bad either.wink
      The creativity of woodworkers all across the globe never ceases to amaze me, I would love to travel the world and meet the woodworkers from all over, especially your friend, he and I would get along great I know!
      I really enjoyed Radek's philosophy page, short and simple, he seems like a neat guy to get to know. He was born one year before me, we are the same generation.
      Thanks Luci for showing me his shop, and again, I like the website too. Well done sir!

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