• Philippe Cloutier

    Hehe, that's a great job, but go ahead biggrin
    Good journey with Tiki!wink

  • Damian Parker

    Its a wiki! Click History, then click the S on the latest version. You can do that on any wiki and on any tiki wiki site, that shows the history button
  • Jean Kim

    Hi! I got your mail but, for some reason, I wasn't able to send. So if you could reply,

    Hi luci,

    I have tried with several options (different browsers, different encodings) but I only get garbage characters for the contents previously written by someone else on that page. I was going to delete the garbage characters, just to make the page look tidy; however, I wasn't sure if I was allowed to.

    Since you are one of the Admins, could you answer my question?
    I am trying to translate the Tiki into Korean. I am working with "Interactive Translation" feature on the Tiki installed within our company. However, if there's a way I can directly edit a single file (i.e. *.PO file?), it would greatly speed up my process. Could you help me on this?

    Also, for other prospective translators, I wish there was a single/coherent wiki page which explains the process, do's-and-don'ts. Thanks.

  • luciash d' being 🧙