• garrett

    I believe you are the person I should speak with... I would like to help if possible to get the Php Open Tracker in Tiki up and running. This is a great functionality that I would love to have implemented in my Tiki... Also I thought to ask a question about implementing Netjuke within Tiki... I would like to make a Quicktime Gallery and NetJuke might fit the bill if I can get it working with Tiki... I will try...

    I create Scientific Visualizations in 3D using Maya and I am creating a wonderful online studio using Tiki at www.Psyience.com. I am very excited about Tiki's functionality and the new development of my Psyientific Visuzliation career implementing Tiki! I make things like Galaxies, Nebula and Neural Networks.... This is one of the reasons I was so fond of Tiki because it is named after Stars! And Stars we are....

    Thanks for the tips Marc...

    Garrett Min+)

  • aloof

    Allo marc,
    j'ai bien aimé la présentation d'hier et ton enthousiasme m'encourage à choisir Tikiwiki même si cette plateforme n'a pas toute les fonctions que je recherche.
    j'ai bien aimé la philosophie derrière le projet.

    à plus,

  • Jean-François Noubel

    Bonjour Marc,

    Je me permets de m’adresser à toi dans la langue de Voltaire si tu n’y vois pas d’inconvénient.

    Je suis actuellement en train d’installer Tiki sur mon site (travaux visibles sur www.TheTransitioner.org/tikiwiki/). Mon problème est de pouvoir le faire en deux langues – anglais et français – et de laisser le choix à l’utilisateur. Une fois son choix effectué, les menus standards + ceux que j’ai déjà créés s’afficheraient dans la langue choisie.

    Je ne sais pas si c’est une possibilité aujourd’hui. Pour l’instant j’en suis contraint à créer 2 tikis différents et séparés dans lesquels les utilisateurs doivent s’inscrire dans chacun d’eux s’ils veulent accéder aux deux langues. Pas très pratique ni convivial…

    Connaîtrais-tu une solution ?

    A chaque fois que j’ai tapé le mot clé « Multilingual », c’est toi qui est ressorti.

    Merci d’avance !

    JeanFrancoisNoubel - France

  • Jose R. Valverde


    Regarding project management, there are already several tools around that provide great functionality. Some of them were developed actually with the idea of managing web contents. I would rather have some way of integrating them than see a new implementation from scratch.

    See: phpCollab or dotProject for two examples.

    There are two things to consider: one is user control and access, and the other the user interface. Looking for common styles requires a continued agreement between both development teams. Including the style sheets requires more work to develop new styles... Dunno what's best. For me, the look and feel is less important (I already use various styles for different parts of the Tiki).

    Perhaps the best would be to provide a simple and stupid API so integrating other tools might become a snap for any average system manager. Say, a simple way to consolidate logins, a hook on the Features form for adding an extra module, and maybe a way to export/import data from modules (blogs, forums, calendar...) so similar functionalities might be consolidated as well (at least manually).

  • Damian Parker

    > Hopefully, both projects will re-merge in the future.

    I cant see that happening exclaim. Tikipro has a totally different styling system, the codebase structure is nothing like TikiWikis. And it claims to have phpBB with it and still be LGPL!
    Ive installed Tikipro to get a sneaky peak, and I really do not like what I see.


  • DmCl

    Regardless of the technical merits of one solution or another, I'm slightly distressed to see TikiPro branching off. As a user I'm concerned that this will simply weaken the product I have chosen. Hope this doesn't just boil down to ego issues.

    See my post at:

    I'd like to invite all TikiWiki/TikiPro users to voice their opinion.
    (Hey, that's what missing from the community pages: a user forum for general directions and requests, + surveys!).

    Keep up the good work everyone.

    • Damian Parker


      TikiPro is now a totally different product, with totally different code. For you information there are now two other TikiWiki forks TikiWikiLite which is TikiWiki 1.9 with the Wiki only feature. Perfect for documentation sites and TikiForge which is under development to be a project management tool with a very similar way of working to SourceForge.

      Enjoy your chosen Tiki!


  • Xavi (as xavidp - admin)

    About having a:
    "* WYSIWYG editing with multilingual spellchecker."

    This can be accomplished, in theory, with TikiDav 0.2
    I haven't tried myself v0.2 yet, but it looks promising, for what Javier about the new features already coded... Writing to Wiki, blogs and articles from OpenOffice.org, and using all OOo potential for spell-check, etc.

    Just to let you know, Marc, in case you were not aware of TikiDavDev ...

    Cheers, and thanks for your work promoting Tiki, Tikisheet, etc. smile

  • Vlad

    Hi Marc! I felt obligated to leave you a comment after you so kindly left some feedback over at my user page. ;)

    I think what's missing from your page here is Quality Control. While I'm sure you've always had QC in mind, TW needs mechanisms in place by the community and developers to ensure releases live up to a degree of quality expected by end users. I would be very interested to hear what you have to say on this subject, perhaps you could add a section about it on your page.



    • Marc Laporte

      Hi Vlad!

      There have been discussions for unit testing, etc. but nothing really that is in place at the moment. Bugs are a fact of life. There will always be bugs. How do we solve the most important first? There are plenty of bugs that we know about, but there is always something more important/urgent/fun to do...

      I have seen bugs surviving for years & years. More annoyances than major bugs, but still...

      In terms of "mechanisms", I see 4 main ingredients:

      The 1st (and most important) ingredient to QC is having lots of developers and lots of power-users. More more more.

      2nd ingredient: logging & priorities. The important thing is that they are easily logged, and now (2007-07) community members can even vote on feature requests & bug reports. Items with more votes won't necessarily get done faster, but it will influence. It will also weed out invalid bug reports.

      3rd ingredient: Communication.
      It must be clear the level of quality for which feature, so people know what to expect. This is now done at:

      4th ingredient: Special attention to new bugs
      When someone tries to fix something, or improve something, new bugs can appear. These are more important because they could give incentive to people not to upgrade.

      And now, with a Wishlist for each feature, users can much more easily find out about bugs:

      Best regards,

      M ;-)

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