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flag NOLA
The NOLA web based software package allows your business to effortlessly reach further than previously thought possible. NOLA provides your company's accounting, inventory, point of sale, contact management, billing, puchasing, and reporting all in one integrated package. NOLA takes e-commerce to the next step, allowing for real time inventory quantity updates. Users are able to do ANYTHING from ANYWHERE.
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flag Open Source Suite
Open Source Suite is one of the world’s leading organizations of completely integrated solutions based on the Open Source Software (OSS). Our mission is to make fully integrated e-business applications affordable for everyone. Our product is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), so it is free to anyone.
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flag Tutos
The Ultimate Team Organisation Software (TUTOS) is a tool to manage the the organizational needs of small groups, teams, departments ...
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flag Hermes
Hermes CRM, ERP, and Business Tools Dev Kit
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flag Dolibarr
Dolibarr is a small and simple Web interface with ERP and CRM capabilities. It is designed for small companies and freelancers, and can be used to deal with the bills and documentation required for company management.
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flag Harvey Software Inc.
It is Harvey Software's mission to empower its clients to be technologically superior by providing innovative solutions and outstanding service. From its years of experience in the shipping and software industry, the professionals at Harvey Software know that this mission's success is dependent upon supplying clients with totally reliable, competitively superior UPS®, FedEx® and United States Postal Service® parcel shipping software backed by unparalleled customer service and support.
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flag Compiere ERP & CRM
Smart Open Source ERP Software with integrated CRM Solutions. Streamline your Order Process on the Web and Customer Centric Point-of-Sales, Manage Your Inventory, Automate Accounting, Provide Customer Service and More!
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flag EnterpriseTimeSheet and Payroll:
The goal of this project is build a multi platform, multi lingual, web based timesheet and payroll systems using PHP and MySQL. This program will allow for complete automation of the payroll systems of a company. Users will be able to clock in and clock out from a simple web browser. User Clock in and Clock out can be controlled by specifying specific IP addresses from which the latter can clock in and out for work. Users will be able to view and print reports about their hours worked and work done during any period of time. Administrators will have web based control panels to completely customize the payroll systems. There will be tools like controlling access by IP address, generating payroll reports, edit employee timesheets, manage projects, getting payroll statistics and many other features.
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flag GNU Enterprise
GNU Enterprise is a meta-project aimed at developing a complete enterprise level business environment. It will consist of tools to quickly build business applications. Several packages and modules will be available ready for out of the box use or readily available to extend or customize to your needs. There will be templates by industry type so you are only getting the base of what your industry type would use.
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flag SQL-Ledger
SQL-Ledger is a double entry accounting system. Accounting data is stored in a SQL Server, for the display any text or GUI browser can be used. The entire system is linked through a chart of accounts. Each item in inventory is linked to revenue, expense, inventory and tax accounts. When you sell and purchase goods and services the accounts are automatically updated.
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flag ARIA
Accounting Receving and Inventory Administration. ARIA is based off NOLA from Noguska.
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flag WEB-ERP
WEB-ERP aims to provide a company with all the tools it needs to manage multi-currency debtors, multi-location stocks, multi-currency creditors as well as it's general accounting needs. Also to provide the infrastructure to record sales orders with flexible pricing options, kit-sets and assemblies. Also, to maintain and print purchase orders from a supplier purchasing prices database and record goods received, tracking and tracing amounts charged in multi-currency and the final variances from standard cost. All functions are integrated as far as possible to ensure that only the minimum of input is required.
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