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flag CyberGL

CyberGL develops and markets interactive web-based software products for small to medium businesses. In it you will find an exciting range of PHP+MySQL applications.
All of our products provide online live demo, download, forum and are GPL licensed. Currently available products include: banner manager, calendar, classified ads, contact manager, counter, directory / link manager, file manager, forum, member manager, guestbook, news script, search engine, survey script, and many many more.

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phpGroupWare (formerly known as webdistro) is a multi-user groupware suite written in PHP. It provides a Web-based calendar, todo-list, addressbook, email, news headlines, and a file manager. The calendar supports repeating events. The email system supports inline graphics and file attachments. The system as a whole supports user preferences, themes, user permissions, multi-language support, an advanced API, and user groups.
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flag PHProjekt

PHProjekt is a modular application for the coordination of group activities and to share informations and document via intranet and internet.
Components of PHProjekt: Group calendar, project management, time card system, file management, contact manager, mail client and 9 other modules

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flag inTouch
inTouch is a simple webbased multi-user addressbook/guestbook system, which is powered by PHP/Smarty and mySQL. Multiple users (e.g. school classes) can save their addresses in it, so the users are able to lookup the addresses of each other.
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flag Galette

Gestionnaire d'Adhérents en Ligne Extrêmement Tarabiscoté mais Tellement Efficace

This PHP project was started to offer a tool to manage members and contributions for a french LUG (ALDIL) but it may suit the needs of most associations. Galette relies on the adoDB library to support both MySQL and PostgreSQL (and probably more).

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flag Inside Systems Mail
Inside Systems Mail, the first of Inside Systems' projects released as open source, is a webmail system. Programmed in HTML and PHP, it is designed to work with any imap server. ISMail requires that PHP 4.2+, compiled with and IMAP and Session support, be installed on the server that runs it. You have a choice of data-store backends (xml and postgresql are included, each requiring their respective PHP modules), and miscellaneous other options that can make the Inside Systems Mail experience a little friendlier.
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flag Booby

PHP Bookmarks/Favorites and contacts management (and other stuff). Booby is a multiuser, multilanguage, fully themeable web-based desktop application which provides online management for bookmarks/favorites, contacts, todo's, notes and news feeds.

Booby is based on a generic MVC design pattern. This pattern is based on items with a potential hierarchical relationship.

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