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Electronic Documents Management Systems are programs, procedures and/or software that manage, control and provide access to electronic documents.
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flag Call Center, Bug Tracking and Project Management Tools for Linux
The growth of Linux in the commercial world has been matched by the demand and growth of software that can be used to manage and coordinate projects, people and activities. When this list was started six years ago, there were a handful of meager bug-tracking systems. In the intervening time, the list of packages and products has exploded, as well as seeing some of the packages grow tremendously in features and functions. There is now a decent variety of bug tracking tools available, commercial and open source. The astute reader will notice that there still remain some gaping holes in enterprise-class systems (for example, something competitive to SAP R/3), in pre-sales, sales, and post-sales support systems, and in scheduling and optimization systems. We hope these gaps will close.
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Ovidentia is a portal Generator for companies, organizations or communities allowing an administrable management for publications of informations, forums of discussions, shareable diaries, FAQs, Workflow, file sharing and mail interface....With a WYSIWYG HTML editor to publish articles, news, posts or write emails. Ovidentia is 100% PHP and require Unix, Linux, or Windows NT/2000/XP and a Web server Apache or IIS with PHP and MySQL.

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flag Red Hat Enterprise Applications
Red Hat Enterprise Applications is an open-source suite of products that includes content management, portal, and web development software, all based on the J2EE standard.
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Bricolage is a full-featured open source content management and publishing system. Its features include intuitive yet highly configurable administration, workflow, permissions, templating, server-neutral output, distribution, and document management.
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flag OpenFlow

OpenFlow is an extremely flexible workflow engine, enabling to rapidly develop web based, "workflow-oriented" applications.
OpenFlow is the first workflow engine fully Open Source and its main applications are in the software development and integration of legacy and office automation software.

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flag e-workflow - the workflow portal

This workflow portal is sponsored jointly by the
Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and the
Workflow And Reengineering International Association (WARIA)

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The wftk (open-source workflow toolkit) is a workflow engine in library form which can be integrated with whatever you need to integrate with. It's designed on a very flexible adaptor architecture, whereby interfaces to external functionality are defined and implemented as independently as possible of the core workflow logic. It makes heavy use of XML, so that its data structures are always easily inspected.
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Sluice is a workflow engine, its purpose is to aid in easy creation of an automated workflow process.
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flag wftk: Background

What is workflow and what makes a "workflow" system different from other systems?
A workflow process is long-running (days or years) and applies programming logic to human activity.

An excellent example of a workflow system is a customer service department. Customers complain, and each complaint becomes a case or process. Certain things must be done in response to each complaint, but other things may be done optionally if the actual facts warrant it. Take a software maintenance department, for instance: for each bug report, front-line people must determine (1) if the bug is already known, (2) if there is already a change in the works, (3) if there is a known workaround, and so on. This may be a requirement for every complaint — but if the front-line personnel don't know an answer, they may need to escalate the report to a tech support person. So in this case, there are certain required tasks, and certain optional tasks which are dependent on the current condition of the process.

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flag Workflow Patterns
Welcome to the workflow patterns page. This site serves as a repository for workflow modeling patterns. These patterns can be used to examine the expressive power of a workflow server that you intend to work with or they can serve as a set of ideas how to implement given business requirements having some workflow server already deployed in your organization.
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flag CMSWatch Workflow definition

Workflow as it applies to content describes the process of breaking down a high-level task into a series of orderly, pre-defined steps that answer these questions:

What needs to be done?
Who needs to do it?
Who needs to approve it?
When must it be completed?

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flag The Workflow Management Coalition


Increase the value of customers' investment in workflow technology

Decrease the risk of using workflow products

Expand the workflow market through increasing awareness for workflow

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