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Providing content with context is the next step in providing information (i.e. content) of any kind. For that it is necessary, like with uml, tablecharts or mindmaps to link the contents together, in the way how they are interdependent. This faciliates more effective learning, new generations of search algorithms, reporting tools, content management systems and artificial intelligences as well as automation of content retrieval. The presented java tool, provides a facility to insert all types of content in a graph, search over them and their corresponding contexts in the manner specific to each content and learn them by their contexts. Highlights are: amazing spidering of websites, spidering of a database, learning languages, learning contents by their contexts, graph editor (with plugable node contents)
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The very short version: Topicmaps are a bit like faceted metadata, or like thesauri, but better! Ha!
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Extensive list of Engines, Navigators / Applications / Visualisation, ISO 13250 - XTM 1.0 transformations, Metadata, Editors and Authoring and Other stuff
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