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Categories are used to classify Tiki objects, you can classify objects and create/edit categories from the admin categories screen.

Category Browser

Using the categories link in the application menu (if categories are enabled), you can browse existing categories (finding objects for each specific category). The category browser will be displayed and will look similar to this screen:

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The top bar indicates the category that you are browsing, in this case Top , the up/top links on that bar can be used to go to the parent category or the top category.

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In this example we are in the category admin inside the category tiki. As you can see the full category path is displayed to give the user the context of what is he browsing. Clicking top will take us to the top category while up will take us to the Tiki category. The name of each category is also a link, so you can go back to any category in the category path.

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The sub categories section list available subcategories from the current category, click on any subcategory to navigate to that category.

Finally the objects part lists the objects that are classified in the category that the user is browsing:

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In this example we observe that there are three objects in the current category, a poll, a Wiki page and a weblog. The name of the object is a link to the object. The description is automatically generated from the object information.

The search category bar can be used to search for specific information inside a category. If you mark the deep checkbox then the category and all it's subcategories will be scanned for objects matching the text you entered.

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