Comparing IRC and WikiSuite.chat

The WikiSuite.chat experiment was retired in early 2022. The Tiki community converges here: https://gitter.im/tiki-org/community

Some differences detected already by users, between IRC and https://wikisuite.chat, to keep in mind, if we plan to migrate our chat from one system to the other:

1.1. Differences

1.1.1. Connecting through web interface

It's far easier in WikiSuite.chat than through the IRC web interface. IRC in freenode requires antibot process with tricky images (to pass as humans!). In WikiSuite.chat you can chat:

1.1.2. About logging and searching

Converse (JavaScript client integrated in Tiki) lets you fetch previous history.


  • Each message should have a unique URL like on irc.tiki.org
  • And XMPP message should be searchable from usual Tiki search

In theory, all the data is there: https://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins/1.8.0/monitoring/readme.html

Current situation:

  • From WikiSuite.chat users can browse somehow the list of previous days, one by one, sequentially. With some ajax queries, when scrolling up to the top.
  • ... while with current system based on IRC, anyone have a list of all previous days on https://irc.tiki.org , and you can go to specific day without needing to go sequentially day by day through ajax queries

1.1.3. Participants list is not always sync'ed

WikiSuite.chat doesn't include names in participants list of users logged in through remote XMPP servers

1.2. Pending topics

1.2.1. Which channel would be used for the Tiki community?

If this WikiSuite.chat is about WikiSuite.chat (according to the topic), where is the XMPP channel suggested to replace the IRC channel we currently use in the Tiki community?

Some options with notes tiki at conference.wikisuite.chat

We could create this.


  • server already running
  • Would be more specific to Tiki
  • Makes us dogfood a second room we'll want to promote (forcing to improve presentation)


  • Fragments the community. wikisuite at conference.wikisuite.chat


  • Already running and active
  • Already the place to find many Tiki contributors
  • Since Tiki is so central to WikiSuite, discussions about WikiSuite almost always relate to Tiki.


  • Tiki-specific discussions will be less interesting for Openfire contributors (Guus and Dele) tiki at conference.tiki.org

Down the road, the Tiki community could have its own server.




To avoid fragmenting the community, my recommendation is for now to use the general wikisuite.chat room for all discussions related to all WikiSuite components, including Tiki. I project that 95% of the discussions will be about Tiki and Openfire/Converse/Pàdé. And given the current importance to get all these 4 components to work well together, this is a good thing. And in the future, if there is too much volume and some good discussions are drowned out, let's spin off to appropriate rooms. And maybe that will be just around the time where we want to set up a server for tiki.org and make the onboarding experience great there. And then, Tiki will be like Openfire and other projects here:

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